Friday, December 7, 2012

Advice for enjoying Joe Bean Coffee Roasters

According to FourSquare I've been at Joe Bean Coffee Roasters over 50 times.  And there's a reason - they make, roast and serve the best coffee in Rochester.  I've been asked many times for recommendations for enjoying Joe Beans, so I've consolidated them here.  I hope you enjoy.  My recommendations for enjoying Joe Bean:

1) Don't come when you're in a hurry - there is a process and a timeline to enjoying coffee here, and rushing that process, gulping your coffee and running, or taking it to go - defeats the enjoyment to a large extent.

2) Concentrate not on where the coffee comes from, or the type of roast (each coffee batch is custom roasted to a profile) but instead on the tasting notes.  As with a wine - saying that all Nicaraguan coffees are the same is like saying that all wines from the finger lakes are the same - patently not true.

3) Let your Barista be your guide - they LOVE and are PASSIONATE ABOUT what they do.  They enjoy taking the time to explain the different brew methods, and the different coffees and how they go together.  Let them teach you - spend some time listening to what experts do when they make coffee.

4) Don't be afraid to explore new things.  Try a different brew method.  Let them make you iced coffee like you've never had iced coffee before.  Try a cold brew.  Try a sprobomb.

5) Try a tasting plate.  The small bites tasting plates are specifically set up to be paired with the wines, coffees and beers available there.  Let your barista help you select just the right pairing for a quick snack.

6) Enjoy the ambiance.  Talk to other customers and chat at the bar while your coffee is made.  Enjoyment is always better in a community.

7) Savor your coffee - enjoy and note how the flavor changes as it cools.  Think about how it differs when hot and just brewed to when it's been in the air for a while.

8) Consider bringing the experience home - though you can spend tons of money on coffee brewing at home - you can also do it very inexpensively with a few simple tools.  Joe Bean Coffee is available for you to bring home, grind and roast yourself.  If you're a coffee fanatic - buy some simple tools - a gram scale, a Hario pourover, a grinder and a Buono style kettle - and you can be your own barista - and Joe Bean will help you learn how!

9) Don't expect crap coffee drinks - this is not about a Venti Soy Caramel Salt Whipped Decaf Double Frappacino.  Those aren't coffee - those are coffee flavored beverages.  Coffee here is expressed in it's pure form.  You wouldn't pour flavoring into a fine wine to "enhance it".

Joe Bean Coffee Roasters can be found at 1344 University Ave, Rochester, NY.