Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Deep Dish Duck Egg Frittata

Deep Dish Duck Egg Fritatta Pie
A Lee Drake original
Serves 4

Prep time - 1/2 hour
Bake time - 1 hour
Cool time - 15 minutes
Serve warm or cold


1 Pillsbury pie crust (or make your own pie dough if you're feeling adventurous)  Just the bottom - not the top
6 Duck eggs, whisked to a light froth, or 9 chicken eggs
2/3 cup of almond/coconut, soy, 1/2 and 1/ or whole milk (pick your poison) whisked into the eggs
8 thick slices of bacon, or one 1" by 7" solid piece of bacon diced raw then pan-fried and put out on a paper towel to crisp
1/2 -2/3 cups of sweet Italian sausage, crumbled, browned and set on a paper towel to soak up the oil.
1/2 cup of Crimini mushrooms, sliced and sautéed in a light coating of the bacon grease (pour off all but what remains on the pan after frying the bacon)
1/2 red onion or 1 shallot sliced thinly and sautéed with the mushrooms until browned
2 tbsp fresh coriander chopped finely
1 plum tomato sliced lengthwise into 1/4" thin slices
2/3 cup of fresh uncooked peas
1 cup feta Greek goat cheese divided into 2 portions
Salt and pepper to taste

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F
Put the Pie crust out on the counter at least 15 minutes prior to assembly to warm
In a bowl whisk the duck eggs, milk or milk substitute together until they froth lightly
Once the pie crust is warm place it into a 2" high side 9" oiled pie tin or springform pan and be sure to tuck it into the corners in the flat on the bottom, and evenly around all the sides.
Brown the sausage breaking up any large chunks and set aside on a paper towel (can be done in advance)
Pre-slice the bacon into 1/8" squares (if the bacon is pre-sliced get thick sliced bacon) Cook the bacon until crispy and put aside on a paper towel.
Pour off the bacon grease until the pan is just lightly coated with grease
Saute the mushrooms and shallots together (you can also add garlic if you like garlic, or scapes, or green onions)
Once the shallots are browned and the mushrooms limp, set aside
Put down a layer of bacon directly on the pie crust
Put down a layer of Sausage on the bacon
Put down a layer of Feta (about 1/2 of it) on the sausage
Put down a layer of mushrooms and onions on the feta
Add the peas evenly on top of that (They'll float some, but uncooked not all the way to the top)
Pour the egg mixture over everything, and even it out, being sure it's evenly distributed - should fill about 3/4 of the pan
Sprinkle fresh coriander on top of egg so it floats on top.
Place the slices of tomato in a starburst pattern on top of the egg
Salt and freshly ground pepper lightly on top of the tomatoes and egg
Sprinkle the remainder of the feta evenly over the top surface

Place in oven and back for approximately 50 minutes to 1 hour.  It is done when you can poke a fork into the middle of it and it comes out clean, and there is no liquid on top of the pie.

Cool for 15 minutes to let it set, slice like a pie and serve

Plated and served