Friday, February 16, 2007

Welcome to my newest Blog

In an effort to be sure I understand blogging on all the major platforms, I've added a new blog ( This new blog will feature personal comments and items of interest. I'll focus on hobbies, fun and family in this blog. Cheers!


GyanTech Synergies said...

Dear Mr.Lee Drake

Thanks for your comment. This blog is an information sharing place for our team members and customers and nothing like plagiarizing but information sharing. We intend to spread the available latest knowledge bites to all needy by doing some digging on the internet. It's not possible for most of the people to remember the links etc (if provided). But they surely know just one weblog address where they can find their required information. Probably our people do not know how to provide a traceback with a comment. Also we did not have any blog information of yours. We sure find how this can be done.

Let me emphasis that your article is really worth reading and must have been with your name only. In case you have reservations on publicizing your articles we shall immediately remove this one from our blog. Let me assure you that we do not want any credits on your behalf, but just bring forward your work to a new set of viewers who visit us.

Childish Democrat said...


Again – thank you for valuing the article – I’m flattered you believe it’s worth showing to your clients. But remember, I’m a business too. I write the articles to drive traffic to my company – not yours.

By copying an article you really are plagiarizing it. Blog etiquette would request that you summarize the article, and provide a link or trackback. This provides you a benefit in that your trackback will be listed on our Blog site and you’ll hopefully get some traffic back to your site from ours. It also allows you to comment to your clients on how applicable it is to them.

Legally In the particular case of this article, it is part of BizStratBlog, a commercial blog written by authors for Business Strategies Magazine and copyrighted by them. They have advertising and other cross-marketing associated with it. It’s now listed in search engines twice – once under BizStrat’s blog and once under your. If a web browser goes to the copy on your site we get nothing for it – and you stand to gain by driving traffic towards you and your commercial site. I don’t put my Sig on every article I write – if you’d copied one that didn’t have my sig there’d be no way for a reader to know who authored it. I’m betting if Fast Company gets wind of the fact that you’re republishing their articles (which they pay authors for) they’ll be all over you for copyright violation.

I would like to request that you publish a summary and trackback, which I’ll be happy to approve. I’ll even provide a comment on my blog referencing your site.