Monday, November 5, 2007

Misheard lyrics

One of my favorite categories of video on youtube or google video is the category of Misheard Lyrics. This is where you take a popular song, and put subtitles in with what you THINK the lyrics are - without actually looking up the lyrics. I also have a weakness for Bollywood movies and music. I guess it's my general fascination with Indian culture and food. In any case I stumbled across a curious combination of misheard lyrics and Bollywood music videos today that I thought I'd share. Check out the video - and be aware that the lyrics are what the author THOUGHT he heard. It is NOT a translation. For the ultimate original MisHeard lyrics vidoe check out this one too. Enjoy - every once in a while we need a laugh to cheer us up - hope this one tickled your fancy... Cheers, Lee Drake CEO, OS-Cubed, Inc.

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