Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The good.....

And the bad. I crushed my favorite mp3 player by sitting on it on the way to Robotics with the team. This was bad. It was a 60gb GigaBeat, so it held all my music, and pictures, as well as some videos, and required only Microsoft Media Player for syncing. The interface on the device was also similar to the Windows Media Center edition "twist" interface which I love. Repairing it would have been more than 2/3 the original cost, and about what you can get them for practically new on EBay. And they no longer make them. And it's just not very sturdy (As I discovered). So the good news is I got myself a Zune 80gb Generation 2 player. I went and visited and checked out all their reviews and decided the Zune was the way I wanted to go. So far I've been very happy with the software part of it. We'll see how things go with the actual device, but it looks pretty and seems to work well in the sync department... Oh and this time - I got a case with a screen cover.

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